First intense days behind us. Stojan came from Rijeka via Slovakia and me/Malina came from Warsaw. We met each other in small village… in east Ukraine.

June 1st

Once waiting for Stojan, who had serious slippage because border was closed for 4 hours because computer system failed . Me and Malina refreshed Polsih – Ukrainian friendship, of course with local hand-made vodka. It ended with crazy night safari with our new friend by his truck. We were drank, he was drank but… we saw old palace of Potocki’s. Stojan arrieved after midnight, extremely tired but happy that we are once again together, after 4 years !

June 2nd

Next day is long ride to …. Small sightseeing of another Potocki’s park Sophiowka and in the end we landed in another small village under the roof.

June 3rd

Last stage in Ukraine. Early wake up to be in Odessa as soon as possible. Good road good speed and before 10 we were in the ferry office to grab tickets ordered 2 weeks ago. Surprisingly it took only 15 minutes, nice lady scanned our passports and said “go to the port at 6 pm”. What to do for 8 hours – we did another sightseeing – cathedral, old town, Odessa stairs (really not impressive), unfortunately no time for Odessa’s catacombs. We spent 2 hours in Mexican restaurant enjoing atmosphere and … shisha 🙂

In the evening we were in the port, prepared for long waiting – departure of ferry was planned for 11.00 PM. In the port another surprise – once we came agent of Ukrferry came and we entered the port. He guided us where to stay, where to go.

Of course it would be too nice to board without problems. This time bad luck found Stojan and his bike. It appeared that when he was passing the border in Uzohrod after computer failure, Ukrainians didn’t register his bike numbers. In the port custom officer said “I cannot permit your bike to leave Ukraine”. Adrenaline +1000 % and what to do. Officer said ‘call the border” but how ? Ferry is departing in next hours and how to handle this issue. Next 30 minutes were really though – Stojan stressed as hell, we are wondering what to do. At last the solution was, ask local Ukrferry agent. He was great, grabbed papers,  came to officer and said “no bike entered and no bike in the port”. After back and forth discussion officer gave up. Next steps were just formality – checking bags, passports, boarding.

Finally we landed in our cabin to spend 3 days in lazy atmosphere doing nothing.

Now adventure begins in Georgia.