Following the footsteps of the conqueror - Genghis Khan Expedition 2018

The team:

  • Janusz (Poland), Malina (Poland), Stojan (Croatia) – experience here

Genghis Khan Expedition – facts and figures

  • Start: June 2nd 2018 in Rijeka (Croatia) and Warsaw (Poland)
  • End: August 18th  2018
  • Total length of the route: 25 000 km (20 000  on/off road by motorbike,  5000 by Trans Siberian Railway)
  • Where: 15 countries: Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Iranm Turkmenistan Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia.
  • Highest point: 4655 meters over the sea level (Pamir Highway)
  • Lowest point: 100 m below sea level (Caspian shore)
  • Expedition Goals

Cultural Pearls of Central and Eastern Asia:


  • Samarkand –the Oriental pearl, one of the oldest cities on the Silk Road. The capital of the Great Timur still impresses with its majesty
  • Bukchara – In the VI BC, one of the centers of civilization of the ancient world
  • Khiva –  hundreds-temple city hidden behind the walls


  • Osh – starting point for Pamir Highway, holy mountain and biggest bazaar in Kyrgizstan


  • Irkutsk – in the XIX century major center of intellectual and social life for Russian exiles
  • Trans Siberian railway


  • Ulaanbaatar – Capital of Mongolia
  • Karakorum – Capital of Genghis Khan Empire

Epic and dangerous roads and places:


  • Kyzyl-Kum desert


  • Anzob pass
  • Pamir Highway (2 highest international road in the world)


  • Song Köl road
  • Jonbulak Ashuu
  • Dolon Pass
  • Issyk-kul


  • A27 Caspian Road
  • Charyn Canyon
  • Austrian Road


  • Chike-Taman pass
  • Altay mountain
  • Baikal
  • Olkhon Island


  • Tolbo Lake
  • Khovd-Ölgii road
  • Gobi Desert
  • Central Mongolia