[map lat=”” lng=”” height=”200″ zoom=”13″]In 2013, when planning the Silk Road Adventure, we had 2 main goals for the expedition: to follow the Silk Road and to cross the Pamir Highway. We exceeded all expectations with our first goal because apart from the key cities of the Jedwabne Route – Samarkand, Bukhara and Chiwy –  we saw all the cities of the incredible Fergana Valley. Unfortunately, this was partly at the expense of the second goal. The Pamir Highway was only traversed by two of us. Janusz and Kasia chose to travel just to the Fergana Valley, mainly due to convalescence after a broken arm, riding off-road with an arm plaster was a bit too risky!

Sky Road Adventure – 2022?


In 2015, the idea of a ​​Sky Road Adventure came to us, going through the three highest mountain ranges of the world: the Pamir (this time the entire team), the Karakorum and the Himalayas. Another idea was to supplement the Pearls of the Silk Road (Kashgar) and travel through Burma and Thailand to complete the expedition in Kuala Lumpur. However, this idea is postponed at this time. I will certainly return to it in the years to come. Unfortunately, the costs (visas, Carnet de Passage, the cost of crossing China and the return to Europe) as well as the risk and difficult availability of Kashmir and Myanmar began to outweigh the lure of the high mountains.

Genghis Khan Adventure 2018


After a conversation with Stojan, the idea of an expedition to Mongolia and Baikal arose. For me, the previously unimagined dream remained the Pamir Highway which I was able to do only a small stretch of before. The last destination found on our route is the lesser known Altai area on the border between Kazakhstan, Russia and Mongolia. On the way there are still some interesting places we visited or want to visit. The four main goals of our expedition are:

  1. The Pamir Highway
  2. The Altai mountains (the part in Russia)
  3. Mongolia (Gobi and Ulan Bator)
  4. Lake Baikal and Siberia

So what does all this have to do with Genghis Khan?

Well, first we go to the very heart of the house of Khan which stretched from Mongolia to southern Siberia and Northern China. Genghis Khan’s army conquered a much larger territory – almost all of Asia – stopping only in the Himalayas and the Caspian Sea. Much of the remains of these former empires have been destroyed after the time of Tamerlane.



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However, the traces of their conquests are still visible throughout Asia. We focused before on the history of the Silk Road and the Timurid Dynasty but on this trip we will look for traces of Genghis Khan and his sons.

Genghis Khan changed the history of the world – nothing was the same after the hordes had crossed the world – it would be good to see why.

This cannot be experienced in front of a television. We want to smell, taste and feel what they felt as they moved across Asia.

This is why we want to do this.