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Georgia & Armenia


genghis khan

Genghis Khan Expedition begins

Genghis Khan Expedition 2018

Caucasus – Iran – Uzbekistan – Pamir – Altay – Baikal

Join us, to find the footsteps of most the powerful warlords in history of mankind.

Genghis Khan was ruthless Mongol whose name instilled fear in people throughout medieval Europe and Asia. From the steppes of central Asia, he molded warring nomadic tribes into a Mongol juggernaut that reduced cities to ashes and wiped out entire populations.

Motorismo Silk Road Adventure

Legendary Silk Road

Dreaming about sands, camels and adventure.

The Silk Road. When you hear these two words, you immediately see caravans of camels traversing deserts of Asia and struggling to pass through difficult mountain paths. You can see merchants’ stalls full of colorful fabrics, jewels and beautifully smelling spices.  You think of fairy-tale, oriental palaces. You hear rustle of the pages of old manuscripts and parchments.

We wanted to feel all this with our own senses – and describe our feelings and fascination with the cultural mix that is now Central Asia. We wanted to discover it. We did it and we are proud

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